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Welcome to C4L Academy


C4L Academy equips, empowers, and paves the way for adult learners to become self-sufficient and contributing members of society through completing their high school education while pursuing a vocation.


C4L Academy creates an optimal learning environment for adult learners which meets their personal and professional needs.

Core Beliefs:

  • Adults have a right to earn their high school diploma so that they can become functioning members of society.
  • Adult learners are entitled to equal access of high school material and content relevant to their lives.
  • C4L Academy provides a functional curriculum suited to adult learners’ needs and applicable to their lives.
  • C4L Academy creates learners with 21st century skills such as meeting deadlines, becoming technologically skilled, and developing professional skills.
  • C4L Academy removes obstacles for student achievement such as geographical challenges and learning challenges through technology and utilizing curriculum experts who specialize in the unique learning needs of adult students.
  • C4L Academy believes that the current educational system is not suitable for all adult learners and seeks to change that system through the creation of a program suitable to their needs and through legislative efforts.
  • C4L Academy Staff partners and collaborates with adult learners.
  • C4L Academy promotes self-confidence and self-worth in adult learners.

Course materials are Common Core aligned

Content developed by credentialed teachers

About Us

We are a team of educators with extensive experience in mainstream, alternative and special education. Our staff has received numerous awards and has gained notoriety within the field. At C4L Academy, we are most often praised for the adaptability and accessibility of our program.

As a team of educators, we proudly support the continued development of accessible curriculum for all walks of life.  For this reason, C4L Academy has partnered with the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC), a high-quality, open-source, education community.  As a contributing member of the NROC network, C4L Academy utilizes multimedia resources and course materials that are aligned with current state standards and focus on college and career readiness.  This helps us to ensure that our program addresses the needs of adult learners with appropriate content for student success.