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C4L Diploma

C4L Academy views adults without a high school diploma as individuals with untapped potential to be successful and contributing members of society. Capitalizing on these students’ realization that additional schooling and training will only benefit them in the future, the academic program at C4L Academy provides relevance to adult learners while preparing them for their future career and/or educational goals.

C4L Academy For Colleges

Benefits of a high school diploma for career colleges

C4L Academy's program includes in-person coaching and live support from teachers which allows students to earn their diploma while on your school campus. Accredited through AdvanED, our curriculum is completely self-contained and managed. C4L Academy is a fully automated program leaving you with zero administrative costs.

The benefits of C4L Academy for Career Colleges begin with a greater return on your investment. On average, colleges increase their enrollment by 20%. Your students will earn their high school diploma while enrolled in your programs.

  • ✔ Increased Enrollment
  • ✔ Concurrent Enrollment
  • ✔ Individual Support
  • ✔ Independently Run
  • ✔ No Administrative Cost
  • ✔ Live Teacher Support
  • ✔ Accredited

C4L Academy For Students

Benefits of a high school diploma for students

C4L Academy allows adult students the opportunity to seek better paying employment and contribute more to society. Earning a high school diploma paves the way to attend college and learn a new trade. C4L Academy is fully accredited and our credentialed teachers and counselors provide live instruction and support throughout the program.

In addition, our on-site coaches provide ongoing support to help students achieve success. Our program is designed to be convenient and easy to access and navigate. Students can access the curriculum on any electronic device. Ultimately, earning a high school diploma will increase self confidence and provide a sense of pride.

  • ✔ Self Paced Courses
  • ✔ Accredited Diploma
  • ✔ Live Teacher Support
  • ✔ Ability to Attend College
  • ✔ Higher Paying Jobs
  • ✔ Sense of Pride