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C4L Leadership
"Talented, Committed, and Compassionate"

C4L Academy believes that the current educational system is not suitable for all adult learners and seeks to change that system through the creation of a program suitable to their needs. Understanding that children who struggle to learn become adults who dislike or avoid learning, C4L Academy has assembled a team of education and curriculum experts to produce a high school diploma program that is expressly suited to an adult learner’s needs and practically applicable to their lives. C4L Academy’s goal is to build learners with 21st century skills such as meeting deadlines, becoming technologically skilled, and developing professional skills.


C4L Academy

C4L Academy consists of a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team with a wide range of expertise over decades of experience. Our team includes experts in the various levels and types of school administration, including school principals, assistant principals, and directors of curriculum and curriculum development. We also have teachers seasoned in cutting-edge instructional practices, with specialized expertise in differentiating for students of differing abilities and academic levels.

Our team is supported by information technology and web design experts who excel in translating the traditional classroom experience to the online world, creating a seamless internet educational platform that shepherds students through the learning experience. The web interface, provides for differing levels of support, scaffolding, and depth so all students are empowered to have a successful learning experience. The end result is an optimal educational hybrid consisting of an intuitive

virtual learning experience and a face-to-face academic relationship, ensuring that a learning solution that is well suited to today’s demands and realities is available for all students.

C4L Academy will prepare students for success in their vocational program and as functioning and contributing members of society at the same time promoting self-confidence and self-worth in students.